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My new release Pincushion Seasons was a long time in coming but it has finally shipped to distributors and shops.  Spring and Fall were designed in 2011 for the Needle Arts Guild of Wichita and were now ready to make their debut in this seasonal chart. Being from the Jersey Shore most of my life I have no clue why Summer was so difficult to design nor Winter, one of my favorite seasons next to Fall.  When I finally relaxed it all came together and in the end I had so much fun stitching these.  They’re pincushions but imagine them as seasonal ornaments as well.  I know Summer is going up on my dowel tree this year.  Snow will grace our Christmas tree come December.  I can also visualize them in sweet groupings within dough bowls, baskets or wooden bowls.  I was lucky to be loaned my friend Penny’s great grandmother’s sewing box for my photo shoot. What a treasure trove of sewing delights were in the box itself.  Needles of old, measuring tapes, old pincushions that were sewn by her great grandmother, a pair of stunning old silver scissors, threads and buttons that I drooled over, and so much more.  Here was an eye opener, there was embroidery threads that were marked “wash before using”.  I felt so honored to be able to borrow the box and explore it’s contents.  Thank you again Penny.

Here’s the oops. In my excitement of creating the cover for Pincushion Seasons I neglected to add stitch counts.  That has now been remedied and the next set of charts to ship will be in the new covers.  Meanwhile, here are the stitch counts for each pincushion for those of you who have the recently shipped charts; Winter is 40h x 41w, Spring is 45h x 44w, Summer is 45h x 43w, and Fall is 45h x 44w.  So each pincushion is roughly 3 1/4″ x 3 1/4″ except for Winter which is 3″ x 3″.  I apologize for the inconvenience to both stitchers, and the shops cutting fabric for the pincushions.

As always, please share pics of your finishes.  I love seeing everyone’s touches on their projects whether it’s color changes, fabrics used, etc.  And speaking of changes and sweet finishes, I leave you with a pic shared by Nita S. of her Spring pincushion and scissor fob.  Thank you for stopping by!

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I was so excited to see my design in the third Kris’s Stitches released by Norden Crafts!!  It’s in the inset, a little squirrel sampler made into a pincushion.  I love their choice of finish for this piece!

The first two leaflets were wonderful and you know Autumn is my favorite time of year.  I can’t wait to get this one!  So many pretty smalls from each block not to mention all the squirrels and pumpkins!  Each of these blocks is 49×49 stitches, how perfect is that?!!

There will be seven leaflets altogether (sixty-nine designers created exclusive designs in Kris’ memory) for a cause that was dear to her heart.  All the proceeds from the sale of these charts are being donated to several different Animal Protection Organizations around the country in Kris Stott’s name!  So check them out! 

Hope you are enjoying your day!

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