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Hey everyone!  I need my blog mojo back.  I’m hoping we can catch up together, since my last post, and once again I’ve got the pics to prove I thought about blogging, just never got to the loft to post on my computer.  I’ve got a cup of green tea by me and ready to visit with you!

This was the scene just ten days after my last post.  Yes, mother nature remembered we didn’t really have a winter and finally gave us a beautiful snowfall.  February is still good for a good snowstorm and goodness knows we needed the moisture after two years of drought.

You know me, I love snow and it was depressing I couldn’t “play” in it this year.  It’d only been five months since my back surgery and I wasn’t able to get out there and help clean up, build a snowman, or just pop hubby with a good snowball. hehe  But it was pretty coming down.  woods in snow

Hubby was plowing our driveway and taking some wonderful pictures for me to share with you.gate in snow

Before he plowed this was what the driveway looked like with the cedars heavy with snow.  Always looks so magical after a snowfall doesn’t it? Cedars

When it’s chilly out, snow on the ground, doesn’t it make you think “time to bake something wonderful”?  It did me but of all times the oven finally decided it was time to die.  Stove semi worked but the oven was finished.  Desperate times called for desperate measures, or something like that, and I found a dense chocolate cake to make in the crock pot. Yes, it had to be chocolate!crock pot choc cake

And when served, hot warm from the crock pot with vanilla ice cream it was heavenly.  We couldn’t get over what an awesome dense chocolate cake it was.  Full of semi sweet chocolate chips too I might add.  Yum!  About now that would go great with my cup of tea.  Another new favorite from the crock pot was fruit cobblers made with pie filling.cake a la mode

You never realize how much you use an oven until it’s gone.  Not only baking but cooking meals.  I had to rethink what to make cooking on a stove for dinner.  Talk about getting creative!  But a few weeks later the new stove arrived and it was amazing to realize how long I must have baked/cooked with an oven that was malfunctioning. Those of you that know me well can imagine my first meal with the new stove.  Yup, a pot of homemade sauce with my garlicy meatballs and homemade foccacia!  The bread being one of the most important parts of the meal. Comfort food!! Breakfast the next day were my chocolate chip muffins. More yum!


March and April brought us ice storms. It seemed like every couple of weeks it was warm days with the promise of spring and then more of Winter.  At one point I know it was both snow and ice.  Our red bud tree never bloomed after one of these ice storms.  I thought I’d lost all the flowers at one point. ice storm

March  was also a fun month as my Guild had a retreat at Maple Memories in McPherson.  These are always so much fun.  Great comraderie, wonderful meals prepared by Marietta and Connie (neither have a  blog), and stitching from Monday afternoon to Wednesday noon.  I managed to finish up a Blackbird Design piece for my Bird Block Exchange. Yes I’ve actually been stitching some too.  And started BBD’s May Basket while there which is almost finished but it’s been set aside for a bit with finishing up a RR piece. Five of us are doing LaDDa’s Live Laugh Love.  It’s a fun Round Robin. bird block

Luckily nature was good to us even if she couldn’t figure out her hot and cold flashes as I had some gorgeous lilacs and irises this time around. We had snow in April and yes even early May! We’re pretty certain now it’s Spring for sure as we  had the Spring storms to prove it this past weekend. purple and white iriseslilacs 

With the warmer weather I’ve been spending alot of time on my front porch.  I have a stitching spot with table and chairs that just happens to be by an electrical socket for my table top magnifying light!  The picture of my outdoor stitching spot was taken earlier in the year on a warm day as I worked on finishing up my model. And the other side of the porch beckons to snuggle with a book and read.  The songs of different birds, hammering of the woodpeckers, gobbling of the wild turkeys, and occasional deer stepping out to eat or coyote running through in the early morning mist add a peacefulness to the porch. In the evening watching a sunset with the hooting of the owls is magical made even more special when we see them fly by in search of their night time adventures. Hubby and I like to take breakfast out on the porch during weekends and dinner on the deck in the evenings to enjoy the nice weather before the heat of summer. ???????????????????porch









Speaking of stitching a few paragraphs above, I had joined in on a Mystery Exchange that was so much fun.  The partner I had loved Spring and Bunnies.  I stitched up this cute bunny freebie, it had to be something she didn’t have yet because Nita owns every bunny chart there is I think, and added some little extras as well.  She loved it and hadn’t seen that freebie as yet.  Mission accomplished.  And while I’m sharing that pic I’ll also add BBD’s Dear Friend that I finally finished and had framed.  Love the antique feel to this frame.  Mystery ExchangeBBD Dear Friend








My cup of tea is long gone.  I managed to overload on pics but so wanted to share what’s been happening.  I left you with a teaser on my porch stitching of a model which hopefully will be releasing later this week.  Can’t wait to share that pic with you. It’s A Prairie Schoolgirl’s Sampler and would make a nice companion piece to A Prairie Girl’s Sampler. Thanks for the visit and enjoy your evening!  I leave you with a picture of  Hunter, who if you remember was the miracle cat that survived, looking robust and healthy.  Until later. . . Hunter 2013

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I’m happy to announce I have a new release titled Love Letters!  The model is stitched with GAST Rose Garden on Bone Jobelin and I had it framed in a sweet antique looking frame from Huneywood! Both Hoffman Distributing Company and Norden Crafts LTD have it in stock to ship to your favorite LNS or ONS. 

Imagine my excitement when Mary Kathryn of Impie, Hattie and Bea asked if she could design a stitcher’s pocket for Love Letters.  Visit her blog, shop or Impie Hattie and Bea to see the beautiful Love Letters Pocket!  Here’s a peek of one of the many pics of her creation.  I fell in love with it instantly!  Thank you Mary Kathryn! 


Nita S has already stitched up Love Letters over one and I just had to share a pic of her finish.  She’s looking for a frame for this darling piece and  I’m looking forward to seeing what she finds.  I hope to share another pic after Nita frames it.


Wishing you all a Happy Valentine’s Day!  I’m looking forward to seeing the finishes you create with Love Letters.

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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  It has been unseasonably warm this past week.  So much so that we actually grilled burgers for our New Year’s Eve dinner!  We rang in the new year with Baked Clam Dip, some snacks, and watching When Harry Met Sally.  Earlier we had watched Holiday Inn with Dad.

Last year we had a new addition to our family. We took our cairn terrier to the vet and returned with a three week old blue point siamese kitten. I just couldn’t resist that face nor his need for a family. Dexter was our rescue kitten and he’s become a sweet addition to our family.

Here he is at 8 months old now helping to guard the laptop that was streaming Christmas music!  Remembering the Christmas tree issue with Merlin and Gandalf we were concerned come the holidays but Dexter surprised us and didn’t show much of an interest in the tree.  Gandalf however did insist the bottom lights needed to drag on the carpet and Merlin occasionally supervised the light rearranging!  And although I think he thought about it, he didn’t chew through any lights this year.  Considering it was a mission to find clear replacement light sets in mid December I appreciated that Merlin left them alone.

I really did do some stitching this past year!  I joined the Halloween Ornament Exchange on STO and restitched the Blackbird Boo design for myself as well.   In September I also participated in the block exchange and stitched up one of  my own designs for the Owl theme.  I also did a bit of Halloween stitching but can’t locate the safe spot I put the finished pieces to take a pic!

And I did complete stitching Clara Ellen from Blackbird Designs Anniversary of the Heart but haven’t personalized it as yet.  I changed around the colors in the house  and really like how it turned out.  I’m still contemplating  doing all the AOTH on one piece of fabric. 

Any other stitching I worked on were my designs, A Spooky Spot of Halloween and the Quaker Winter Acorns, which I posted pics in the Market release post.  And once again it’s that time that I am designing and stitching on Market pieces whose deadlines are in February. 

I spent alot of time in physical therapy last spring and part of the summer only to find that the reason my right leg was painful is due to a cyst on my sciatic nerve by the spine.  Between that and a deteriorated disk I am looking at surgery this year to fuse a section of my spine and remove the cyst.  I’m not sure when it will be scheduled but it’s inevitable according to the surgeon.  I am in pain daily, not a fun thing, but I’m bummed knowing I need surgery. 

We had a scare the week before Christmas with my Dad.  He ended up hospitalized and had a stent put in.  We are thankful that his five by pass from 10 years ago is still doing well.  Dad’s doing better and we managed to enjoy our Christmas holidays with all the family!   Alot of cooking, baking and laughter!

I’m off to stitch on a Christmas ornament that didn’t get finished this past holiday and between blogging, stitching, and my furry babies with me in the loft I hope I am on track for the new year! 

Hoping your holidays were wonderful and wishing you all a happy, healthy, and stitchy 2012!

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Happy Valentine’s Day!

Happy Valentine’s Day everyone!  I started the family’s day off with crepes for breakfast.  Know I need to bake something chocolatey but not sure what yet.  Leaning towards brownies I think!  What’s everyone else doing for today? 

Last time we chatted I was on a search for a chocolate block and here’s what I ended up stitching for that exchange.  CEC’s Cup of Cocoa Mitten.  I just love her mittens and can’t wait to start her new freebie, Mitten Cakes.  I also have another Cup of Cocoa (for me this time), S’Mores, and Baby It’s Cold Outside kitted up because I really want to get more mittens stitched up this year.   I’ve even managed to enable two dear friends into stitching up mittens now too.  Maybe I should kit up the Shamrock Mitten since St Patty’s Day is around the corner.


 This is my progress on Blackbird Designs Clara Ellen of Anniversaries of the Heart.  Probably not as much as I’d hoped for by this time but happy none the less.  I just love this piece and especially the colors.  I have played around with different threads for the house though.  Will keep you posted on that.

Wishing you all a very special day!  Thanks for stopping by! 




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Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a wonderful New Year’s Eve celebration!  We did a movie marathon and I made my Clam Bake dip, hubby made his dried beef dip, and there were some other snacks too.  Despite this upper respiratory infection for the second time in a month, and a sinus infection as well,  I actually managed to stay up past midnight! 

Iced Tea is a finish that my friend Marilyn F shared with me awhile back.  I thought it was a perfect start to the New Year!  So pour yourself a cup of tea and let’s try and catch up!  I started the family’s day with fresh baked cinnamon rolls.  The sun popped out and despite the frightfully cold temps 2011 feels good!

I really have been stitching but nothing I have taken a pic of as some are gifts that haven’t hit the post office yet.  Currently I need to come up with a Chocolate Block for the block exchange and trying to decide what hits me.  I promised myself this year I would get back into the block swap on STO.

Blackbird Designs Clara Ellen is my WIP.  I haven’t been stitching on it too long and think when I can really settle into it Clara will be a quick finish.  I decided to do this series separately rather than on one piece of fabric.  Although am kicking around taking four that feel seasonal and doing them all together.  I managed three BBD Stockings last year.  Hope to work on more this year.  Really looking forward to their class project book. 

So my stitching New Year’s resolutions are my models, blocks for the exchange, year long SAL’s, Blackbird projects, and stitching ornaments the year through.  I’ve jotted it down for all to see so I hope I can keep this resolution. 

It’s definitely been a rough end of year for a couple of my furry kids.  In November Hunter stayed out a whole night (coldest night of the year at that point) and came home deadly sick.  The vets are calling him the miracle cat because he was on death’s door with a fever over 107 degrees, dehydrated, and not responsive at all.  It took alot of care, round the clock feedings, meds, almost daily visits to the vet, and bloodwork but he survived and is now a house baby.  We will never know what happened but he is one stoic cat.  Our Mama Cat evidently tangled with a coyote and needed stitches from her ear down to her shoulder.  That has been hard as well since she needs to be kept bandaged or we’ll be taking a third trip to the vet restitching her.  Never a dull.  This is a picture of Hunter taken shortly before his “adventure”.  He’s on the right and that is Bear on the left.

That’s about it for now.  Market count down has started and I’m excited about the designs I’ll have to offer in February.  I leave you with a pic of Merlin.  He was trying to block me from going up the stairs to the loft one day.  Couldn’t resist the shot!  Thanks for stopping by!  I hope 2011 is good to all of us!

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To Market, to Market. . .

It’s that time of year!  Here is my St Charles Market release and Norden Crafts is taking the model with them!  A Prairie Girl’s Sampler was such a fun stitch!  It’s on Light Mocha Cashel using GAST’s Apple Cider.  Love the frame I choose from Eastside Moulding.  It finished it off nicely. 

I’ll be posting a pic of Quaker Winter Acorns so keep watching for that new design as well. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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Merlin supervising cooking what's simmering 093009

I am so sorry I’ve fallen behind on blogging yet again . . .   So let’s brew a cup of tea and catch up on this past month!  I looked up from cooking one chilly evening and found Merlin “supervising” dinner preparations.  Actually I think he was trying to warm up by the stove – the down side to having a counter right above it.  Needless to say after the picture was taken  he promptly lost his “hot spot”.   But it is so darn cute the way he tucks in his front paws and rests on his elbows like he’s ready for a long chat!  That little guy makes me smile!

Last month was my birthday, and I had some wonderful gifts from friends that I want to share with you.  Betty made me another beautiful dollie.  She does such beautiful work on these sweet prairie dolls!  Love the  pretty pumpkin apron on my witchy dollie!  Thank you Betty I absolutely love her.  And the darling owl ornament next to her is from my dear friend Murf!   It is just so pretty and what a neat finish with the leaf buttons holding the ribbon in each corner!  What a clever idea!  Thank you so much Murf, you’ve got me thinking about an owl tree.  Now wouldn’t that be a hoot!  ; )

witchy prairie doll and owl

Lavon indulged me with a wonderful Halloween surprise as my birthday gift.  Check out this cat masquerading as a bat and the perfect metal wreath she found to set it off!  Thank you so much!!!  Is this too cool or what?!!


bat cat

Next is a lovely gift from Sharyn!  She got me the original H is for Horse model from Carriage House Samplings Alphabet Blocks!  I’ll really treasure this horse Sharyn, thank you!  And love the book of days and journal as well!  She and her hubby recently came back from an Alaskan cruise and they also picked me up a cookbook.  We know how I enjoy recipes!  These look yummy Sharyn, many thanks!  I can’t wait to try some of them!


b'day gift from Sharyn

My friend Sue T. always finds the coolest Acorn gifts each year for my birthday.  This year it’s an Acorn candle holder and a placemat to set if off nicely.  She also found the spookiest Halloween dish towel!!  Thanks so much Sue!  You know how much I like acorns!

b'day gift from Sue

And then here’s the Halloween Block for STO’s exchange for September that I stitched up!  I had a lot of fun with this Haunted House!  I am definitely redoing this one for myself sometime! 

Halloween Block 9.09

And speaking of Halloween, I did a private exchange with my online stitchy friend Paula and here’s what she sent me.  Love the Witch ornament!  What a beautiful finish!!  And thank you so much for all the wonderful goodies you tucked in the envelope!

halloween exchange with Paula

This is a close up of the ornament!  Isn’t it perfect for a Halloween tree?!!

halloween ornie exchange with Paula

Paula’s exchange is about to go to the post office.  Hope she likes her package!  Last year she asked about an OOP design I stitched up for a tree block exchange and it was a haunted tree!  So this year I emailed her and asked if she wanted to do an exchange for that little ornament for her Halloween tree.  I’ll upload the pic when she receives it. 

I’m also in the Prairie Schooler Halloween Ornament Exchange that I’ll be able to physically do the exchange rather than mail it.  Paula S. lives in Wichita and we’ll meet Thursday for lunch and exchanging!  So watch for those pics later this week as well.  Excited to get to meet another fellow stitcher!

Speaking of fellow stitchers (and a sweet designer friend), I got to spend some time visiting with Betty last month during the Market Party at Heart’s Desire and checking out her trunk show there as well.  It’s going on until the end of October so if you’re in the area you should stop by to see it and stash some too.  What a plan! 

Betty's Trunk Show

Last week was Bethel College concerts.  Both Orchestra, in which Liann plays cello, and Wind Ensemble in which hubby plays a euphonium as a community member.  So we were busy with music.  This week Liann has her HS Orchestra concert and  is rehearsing with the Newton Mid Kansas Symphony Orchestra whose concert is this coming Sunday!  Not to mention this is her final year with the Wichita Youth Symphony, and she plays in the Bethel College Cello Quartet.  It’s her senior year and she’s looking at colleges for music education and performance.   Yup, it’s busy!

I have been enjoying the cooler weather for some baking!  Made my first batch of pumpkin nut bread, and over the weekend I baked some Toll House Chocolate Chip cookies.  We had a family gathering last night and everyone still found room after the meat stuffed shells, homemade bread and salad to help finish off the cookies!  I think I’ll bake an apple bread that I got the recipe from Betty next! 

On that note I think it’s time to get some stitching done and some finishes as well.  I have models in the works and trying a rotation of personal stitching time too.  I’ll leave you with another picture of my “helper”, Merlin hasn’t outgrown getting into things yet, but do think he’s outgrown the trash can by my desk!   Thanks so much for visiting with me and enjoy the rest of your day!

merlin in the trash can

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