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Thought I’d share my Blackbird Design stocking finish for the Quaker Exchange!  I also decided to stitch on the back of the stocking as well.  Think for the first one put together it turned out well.  I happened to be lucky enough to be able to hand deliver this exchange piece and wish I had a pic of Judy’s expression when she realized she got the Quaker Stocking!  She looooved it (her favorite way of saying she really really liked it) and I just about had to pry it out of her hands to show Marcia during our monthly stitch in.  Glad to know she was that excited about receiving this piece! 

Quaker stocking front

And here is what I did for the back of the stocking!

Quaker stocking back

This was really a fun stitch!  Am looking forward to the Halloween Stockings they plan to release and will pick one of those to work on next!  Yes I’m in Fall and Halloween stitching mode.  The weather has been much cooler these last couple of days and the mornings have felt like Autumn. 

Liann had her Chamber Music at the Barn Concert this morning.  The setting was like being in a botanical garden, just beautiful.  What a fun way to start the day today.  I’m sure you’re all saying, ok, so where are the pics of the gardens?  I wasn’t that altogether this morning when we left and the camera was sitting on my desk!  Guess I just wanted to say how proud we are of her and all the chamber players.  Awesome concert!

Here’s a shot of Merlin that was too cute to pass up.  Wonder if he thinks he’s guarding the cat food?   

Merlin Guarding the cat food2
Kittens grow so fast!

Hoping you’re all having a wonderful weekend!   I’m off to read a little before turning in!  I’m working on James Rollins’ new book The Doomsday Key.  As always he’s keeping me in suspense with another Sigma Force book.  Love his style of writing. 

Thank you for stopping by and have a good night!


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Got Snow?


We certainly do!  Another four to six inches fell the other night!  With higher drifts in several places!  This is our third winter here and we haven’t seen this much snow.  Of course this is my ninth year in Kansas and I don’t ever recall a winter so full of storms already and this is only the beginning.  Wishful thinking would be that we are getting hit all at once.  

Sharing more pictures of our winter wonderland with you.  Hoping you all had a wonderful holiday and thank you for visiting. I’m off to stitch and then read alittle of my new book by Steve Berry, The Venetian Betrayal.

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Here is my new release, A Spot of Christmas!

Gosh this design is making me so ready for cooler weather and the smell of baking wafting through the air. Am thinking I’ll have to give in soon and bake some pumpkin nut bread. Looking for Fall and crisp mornings after these toasty 100+ temps. Getting back to “cooler stitching”, A Spot of Christmas will be available from your favorite cross stitch shop after it’s release Friday.

Well, off to read. I started James Rollins’ new book, The Judas Strain, and it is calling to me. His books have a tendency of keeping you captivated to the very last page.

Good night all! 

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What a busy week!  I didn’t feel like much got accomplished in terms of what my goals were.  I did manage to finish a new design, now to pick fabric and threads for the model.  There will be a sneak peek next week for a new release.  So stay tuned!

I had a blast riding Ras last Sunday, our paso fino gelding. He and I enjoyed the newly harvested wheat field next to our property.  Hope I can do that again this weekend since it gives me a much larger and very pretty area to ride in without hitting the dirt roads.  What an incredible feeling riding a horse!  So peaceful being one with them.  Of course, it helps if he cooperates too!  Minor detail. LOL

I baked these incredible brownies this week.  Mint Swirl brownies.  Some of the chips were melted into the batter, some were stirred in afterwards and the rest were spread over the top of the brownies before baking.  Oh YUM.  Tasted heavenly. And these brownies just seemed to melt in your mouth.  Took care of the much needed chocolate fix too.

Hey, I did finish reading The Alexandria Link by Steve Berry.  Good book.  I like books that make you think and then wonder.  He tends to do alot of research on his books and blends in a lot of historical facts.  His Templar Legacy was wonderful. 

Well, off to stitch alittle before going to bed.  Good night all. 

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