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Happy New Year!

Happy New Year everyone!  It has been unseasonably warm this past week.  So much so that we actually grilled burgers for our New Year’s Eve dinner!  We rang in the new year with Baked Clam Dip, some snacks, and watching When Harry Met Sally.  Earlier we had watched Holiday Inn with Dad.

Last year we had a new addition to our family. We took our cairn terrier to the vet and returned with a three week old blue point siamese kitten. I just couldn’t resist that face nor his need for a family. Dexter was our rescue kitten and he’s become a sweet addition to our family.

Here he is at 8 months old now helping to guard the laptop that was streaming Christmas music!  Remembering the Christmas tree issue with Merlin and Gandalf we were concerned come the holidays but Dexter surprised us and didn’t show much of an interest in the tree.  Gandalf however did insist the bottom lights needed to drag on the carpet and Merlin occasionally supervised the light rearranging!  And although I think he thought about it, he didn’t chew through any lights this year.  Considering it was a mission to find clear replacement light sets in mid December I appreciated that Merlin left them alone.

I really did do some stitching this past year!  I joined the Halloween Ornament Exchange on STO and restitched the Blackbird Boo design for myself as well.   In September I also participated in the block exchange and stitched up one of  my own designs for the Owl theme.  I also did a bit of Halloween stitching but can’t locate the safe spot I put the finished pieces to take a pic!

And I did complete stitching Clara Ellen from Blackbird Designs Anniversary of the Heart but haven’t personalized it as yet.  I changed around the colors in the house  and really like how it turned out.  I’m still contemplating  doing all the AOTH on one piece of fabric. 

Any other stitching I worked on were my designs, A Spooky Spot of Halloween and the Quaker Winter Acorns, which I posted pics in the Market release post.  And once again it’s that time that I am designing and stitching on Market pieces whose deadlines are in February. 

I spent alot of time in physical therapy last spring and part of the summer only to find that the reason my right leg was painful is due to a cyst on my sciatic nerve by the spine.  Between that and a deteriorated disk I am looking at surgery this year to fuse a section of my spine and remove the cyst.  I’m not sure when it will be scheduled but it’s inevitable according to the surgeon.  I am in pain daily, not a fun thing, but I’m bummed knowing I need surgery. 

We had a scare the week before Christmas with my Dad.  He ended up hospitalized and had a stent put in.  We are thankful that his five by pass from 10 years ago is still doing well.  Dad’s doing better and we managed to enjoy our Christmas holidays with all the family!   Alot of cooking, baking and laughter!

I’m off to stitch on a Christmas ornament that didn’t get finished this past holiday and between blogging, stitching, and my furry babies with me in the loft I hope I am on track for the new year! 

Hoping your holidays were wonderful and wishing you all a happy, healthy, and stitchy 2012!


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A Spooky Spot of Halloween is one of three releases at Baltimore Market this weekend!!   Stitched on Ancient by Picture This Plus with WDW Onyx.  Norden Crafts has my models with them at Market.  It’s definitely a Halloween stitching time of year.   Especially after having had 41 days of over 100 degree temps.  Halloween makes you think cool, crisp fall days!

Quaker Winter Acorns  is another release in a series of these Quaker style acorns.  Stitched on light mocha cashel with Cranberry and Freedom from GAST.  These will make sweet ornaments for your tree or with Quaker Acorns I and II you can fill a basket with acorn smalls. 

Can you still feel the needles flying with cooler temps in mind.  I’m all about Fall and Winter stitching these days.  This has just been an unbearably hot summer for us in Kansas!  Grass is dormant, some shrubs, and plants just didn’t survive the heat.  Farmers are having a horrible year for crops.  In the 13 years here I’ve never experienced a drought till now. 

  The third design is Quaker Inspirations.  Stitched on light mocha cashel with GAST Freedom.  I love smalls, they have so many finishing potentials!  These will make great ornaments and pairing them with Quaker Faith Hope Love starts a lovely Quaker Tree for the holidays.  I made these into pincushions for a basket and I can’t wait to see how you finish them.  Look for more Blessings and Inspirations this year.  With that in mind it’s back to stitching on my next models. 

Thank you for visiting and I hope your day is special!!

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To Market, to Market. . .

It’s that time of year!  Here is my St Charles Market release and Norden Crafts is taking the model with them!  A Prairie Girl’s Sampler was such a fun stitch!  It’s on Light Mocha Cashel using GAST’s Apple Cider.  Love the frame I choose from Eastside Moulding.  It finished it off nicely. 

I’ll be posting a pic of Quaker Winter Acorns so keep watching for that new design as well. 

Thanks for stopping by! 

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St Charles Market Releases!

I’m happy to announce I have three new releases for Market.  My designs will be at both Hoffman Distributing’s booth and Norden Craft’s booth.  Norden Crafts is graciously taking my models to St Charles so stop by their booth if you are a shop or online shop and would like to see them.   

The first design is Quaker Welcome. I love how warm this turned out. 


My next one is Quaker Acorns I! Just in time for Fall with swirling leaves, squirrel, owl, pumpkins, and my favorite – acorns!     


And the last release is Quaker Acorns II.  More on the Halloween side with the Jack O’Lantern and Pumpkin Star.


Many thanks to Lavon Moffat and Marilyn Ferlitsch for model stitching AND finishing their acorn models.  Murf (Marilyn) stitched up Quaker Acorn Pumpkin Star and matched up a piece of star fabric to the WDW Whiskey to make a perfect match and gorgeous tuck!  Thank you so much Murf!  Lavon stitched both Pumpkin Owl and Jack o’Lantern (the jack o lantern on black fabric I might add) and finished them into a needlebook and pinkeep.  I still can’t get over the ribbon work on the pinkeep.  Thanks so much Lavon!  You both are just awesome!  And the Acorn Squirrel?  That was my model stitching and cube finish.

Thank you all for stopping by and hope you have a great evening!

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“This blog invests and believes in the PROXIMITY-nearness in space, time and relationships. These blogs are exceedingly charming. These kind bloggers aim to find and be friends. They are not interested in prizes or self-aggrandizement! Our hope is that when the ribbons of these prizes are cut, even more friendships are propagated.” 

Thank you, I am so honored  Lynda!!  I am asked to pass this along to eight other bloggers.  I love everyone’s blog that I visit.  You are all so talented, your finishes amaze me, and I enjoy sharing in your lives.  


Kathy M








I wanted to share some finished Midnight Stitching projects sent to me!  I love this creative finish for Quaker Faith Hope Love by Sally!  Just beautiful!


And this is Lavon’s finish of Friends in Stitches, an STO Class piece I taught last October at their Retreat.  This turned out so pretty! 


Thanks so much for letting me share these pieces with everyone!!  I always enjoy seeing anyone’s finish of my designs. 

It’s after midnight and I’m realizing it’s Easter!  Shortly I will be baking my Creme Caramel French Toast for breakfast and making a Lemon Gooey Cake to take to the family Easter celebration at my in law’s.


I leave you with a picture of the tulips blooming at Friend’s University.  Liann had a cello master class with Ruslan Biryukov Thursday and the flowers just called to me.

I wish you all a day full of sunshine, family, friends, happiness, love and easter goodies! Happy Easter dear friends!

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As I sealed the last box to ship I realized it was time to share my new release!  This pretty bellpull is Quaker Winter’s Slumber, the first in a seasonal series.   The chart will be carried by both Hoffman Distributing and Norden Crafts at Nashville Market in two weeks.  And in fact, the model will be at Norden Craft’s room.  Thank you Lavon for stitching the model, and Kathy Nielsen for another beautiful finish.

There will be a Heartstruck release in February so watch for it!  Pretty excited about these two holiday pieces! 

My entire house has this cold, cough, ear, and sinus thing going.  My surgeon said let’s see how I feel Monday to decide whether the surgery goes forward or gets postponed.  My Dad’s doctor (and by the way he got a good follow up visit with the doctor today) said let the cold run it’s course as I was concerned about my Dad being sick.  My stepson has bronchitis and a sinus infection, and my husband is doing the cold pills and lots of liquids deal to get rid of his cold.  Liann, my DSD, is still just sniffling, maybe it’ll pass her by or she’s healthier than all of us.  I hope I can get the gall bladder surgery over and done with Monday.  This is getting me down with food, discomfort and just wanting it to be over! 

Has everyone checked out the additions to the Gallery?  Several beautifully stitched pieces and finishes too.  Go take a look if you haven’t visited the Gallery in a bit.

Winter has come back with a vengeance today, frigid temps and my hubby just announced it snowing outside as he got more wood for the fireplace.  I’m off to warm up by the fire.  Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!  I plan to work on my Dessert Block for STO and Liann has Youth Symphony tomorrow.  So Saturday is looking busy already!  Please take care, stay healthy, and happy stitching!

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I hope everyone’s New Year is off to a good beginning!  

We had a bit of a scary New Year’s as my Dad ended up in the hospital on the 30th of December with severe congestive heart failure!  It was a long week but he’s ok now and home.  And two days after he got home this was the scene at our house. . .


Liann’s former cello teacher, Parker, was visiting from grad school in Iowa so dinner was at our house and a cello quartet as well.  Ok, three cellos and a bassoon.  Sitting across from Liann is her current cello teacher and a cellist with Wichita Symphony.  My hubby is “conducting”.   What a fun evening!  I made broccoli and rigatoni and my meat stuffed shells in red wine sauce.  I also baked a foccacia bread to serve along with it.  Susan brought a veggie casserole that was really yummy and Parker brought the best part of the whole meal. . . dessert.  They rehearsed Bald Mountain and are thinking of performing it next month for Cello Day.

And speaking of Liann and her cello.  Last Saturday was State auditions.  Five minutes before her audition someone accidently kicked her cello and as it rolled over she said the whole room got quiet as you heard all the splintering.  Sure enough, her cello was broken, the back partially off.  We found out later there was more damage to it inside. ACKKKK!  Susan, her cello teacher, was there and quickly gave Liann her cello to use for the audition.  Like anything else, each instrument feels different from tension, strings, neck, sound, bowing, etc and she had no time to warm up on it.  She took her audition and was pretty distraught between her’s being broken and feeling she had a terrible audition.  Remember she took second seat in District last month.  We got results yesterday and despite everything she made first alternate for State.  Of course she might not make it there because someone would have to be sick or not want to be part of the state concert (what are the chances of that!) but at least she made it.  Woohoooo Li!!

Liann had Youth Symphony the next day (Sunday) and would you believe Simon, of McHugh Violin (he is just the greatest) worked into the night and Sunday morning to have Liann’s cello fixed and ready for her for Youth Symphony!!! He did an incredible job on it. It’ll take a little bit of time and playing on the cello for the sound to come back and it still maybe be different than it was before but he went above and beyond to help us out. Thank you Simon! If anyone has anything to do with strings McHugh Violin in Wichita is very well known in the country and I highly recommend him.

This is my snowflake block for last month.  It was a cool piece to work on, no pun intended.  Stitched a good deal of it sitting in the hospital with Dad.  Yes, it is a sparkly fabric.  Just didn’t show up too well and neither did the snowflake.


January’s block theme is dessert and I guess I’m going to have to dig through and see what some of my old stash has. Anyone have any ideas? I’m currently stitching on my models hoping to make the Market deadlines. Keep your fingers crossed for me, I can’t do that, have to use them to stitch. hehehe Last couple of days I’ve been pretty sick so with this being the third day of antibiotics I hope I can really concentrate on this piece.

I’ve watched the temps drop 13 degrees within a couple of hours. It’s going to be a cold day with a forecast of snow tonight. I feel for everyone up north that’s had the really harsh weather but sure didn’t want it to come back here. I’m tired of single digits and below zero wind chills. Here’s a shot of last month’s storm that I never managed to share with you. My birds are munching and crunching on their birdseed in the snowstorm.


Everyone stay warm and have a stitchy kind of day. I need to go work diligently on my models so I can release them at Nashville. Hopefully later this week I’ll have time to update the gallery. Have so many wonderful finishes that have been shared with me. Thanks for stopping by!!!

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